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Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding:  it's one of those areas where new parents might have their own hopes and goals, but not enough support, information, & encouragement to achieve them. I'm here to help! These are some services that DO increase breastfeeding success:

  • Prenatal education - know what to expect to breastfeed your baby

  • Evidence-based information - to help you sort through the myths & bad advice

  • On-call lactation support - in hospital, or once you're home, as needed

    • Help with Baby's latch​ & positioning

    • Learn the reassuring signs that your baby is getting enough

    • How to avoid common obstacles, like soreness, nipple confusion, mastitis, & low supply

    • Learn all about pumping:  when/if it's needed, when/if to introduce bottles, & how to manage your return to work

    • & more!

Breastfeeding support is offered along with labor support and postpartum care services. You may also schedule a private breastfeeding class, or consultation as needed prenatally or after your baby is here!

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