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I am proud to serve the birthing needs of anyone who is looking for support and guidance throughout the pregnancy process. I make an effort to develop a personal connection with my clients and their families, and remain available throughout their parenting journey. I am grateful to all the families who have invited me into their lives during such an exciting time. One of my favorite parts of this job is witnessing the couples I've grown to know and love become parents before my very eyes. Thank you for all the lovely testimonials!

"i got to meet Angel when I was searching for a doula for my birth. As her name states she is a true angel. Cannot explain and praise enough her help and expertise at the heavy laboring hours. She helped me with the exercises necessary to move the baby in a better position. She gave me moral support and helped me physically to try and re-focus away from the contraction pains. She took the time and came over the house with baking goods which was nice of her since I was already overwhelmed as a new mom. She's also a great lactation consultant. I recommend in general to have a doula nearby and throughout the pregnancy and specifically somebody as caring and kind as Angel."

Svetlana O.

"Angel was invaluable to our first time birthing and delivery experience.  Her knowledge helped us feel more prepared.  Suggestions she provided about pain management during labor gave us the tools for a confident delivery.  She was super friendly and professional.  Her extraordinary dedication to motherhood and parenting was a true testament to the service she provdid during our most significant and precious life change.  Thank you Angel!"

Alicja R.

"'Angel came after my unscheduled c-section. She helped with breastfeeding and was very supportive and nurturing. The lactation consultants at the hospital that came in after Angel were abrasive and overbearing. I SO appreciate Angel's calm and caring demeanor and her true and honest care. I wish I could have utilized more of her skills. I was planning for a unmedicated hospital birth and instead had a c-section. I endured many complications after giving birth and because of these complications I just was not in a place to utilize Angel in a more useful way after my daughter was born. Now 7 weeks out, I am very thankful to be healthy once again. Angel is wonderful at what she does and no doubt will be a calm and supportive helper for anyone giving birth."

Renee M.

"The amount of information provided before labor and postpartum was much appreciated and surprising. It was very helpful to have so many great resources and so much information shared on a wide range of topics. I felt Angel went above and beyond in answering all of my questions and providing reference material. Yes, it was worth it. From the resources to the calm, steady support during labor, it was worth it. Things escalated quickly during labor which left both me and my husband feeling quite out of control. I had wanted to try natural childbirth, but panicked after my labor progressed to the transition phase so fast and requested an epidural. Unfortunately, there wasn't time at that point for any pain medication to be given. I was greatly appreciative of the doula's support and reminders on techniques to get through the contractions and pain. Having the doula support helped immensely in those very tense moments. My partner was supportive and was very happy with our decision afterwards. Having the extra support was not only comfort for me, but for him as well."

-Shaylin M.

"First of all, I will never forget the amazing foot massage you gave me the night I was supposed to be induced. :) Truly life changing (and probably relaxed me enough to finally go into labor!) But, in seriousness, my favorite part of the experience was the support I felt leading up to the birth and afterwards. Being able to text you at any time and get an informed, caring response was such an enormous comfort amidst a time of so many unknowns. A simple reminder that I'm doing a great job made a world of difference. What surprised me most about the experience was how quickly and deeply the bond of trust was built between us. By the time I (finally) went into labor, I felt completely confident in your ability to support me and advocate for me and I knew I could trust you with anything. It allowed me to relax and focus during labor knowing me and my partner were being cared for by someone with tremendous experience. Ringo was supportive of hiring a doula, but he didn't know much about it. Afterward, he said you went above and beyond his expectations and you were so helpful to both of us, especially during labor."

--Jane D.

"We initially hired a doula for emotional support during delivery and to help us manage the “medical world” of the hospital as we prepared for a hopeful VBAC. We ended up getting so much more out of the experience than this. Angel played a huge part in a successful VBAC and helping us to have an incredibly positive and healing birth for our second child. She supported us both emotionally and physically before, during, and after and helped us transition into a family of 4. We were both surprised and grateful for all of the research she did on VBACs to help us be successful. While we thought we’d be getting support during the birthing process we ended up feeling immensely supported from prenatal to postpartum. The entire experience left me feeling incredibly empowered as a woman and mother. Also — when our daughter ended up unexpectedly spending a week in the NICU, Angel continued to support us - emotionally as we struggled with having a newborn in the hospital, with breastfeeding support to help us be successful in the hospital environment and sustain a positive breastfeeding relationship once home, and by offering her time to come see us in the hospital. I’m not sure words can possibly convey how grateful we are for her! her services were invaluable! I’m not sure what the going rate for doula services may be in this area but it was worth every penny. My husband was initially supportive because it was something he wanted and wanted me to feel supported during birth. Looking back he agrees that her services were key to our success with the VBAC and were invaluable to us during the birthing and postpartum period. He walked away from the experience feeling just as supported as I did."

-Larra R.

"I was pleasantly surprised by all of the prenatal support. As a first time mom, I was clueless about the labor/delivery as well as caring for an infant and Angel taught me a lot which made me feel a lot more prepared. My favorite part was actually after the birth when we had our postpartum visit and she was able to meet baby Jack."

-Diane W.

"I am a mother of twins and having Angel was extremely helpful. She got to know my husband and I before the birth of our girls and was there after the birth. She was the one I could talk to about post-partum issues such as post-partum depression, when to baby proof the house, how to get them to sleep through the night and most to swaddle! I would recommend Angel for a post-partum doula."

Amy T.

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