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Postpartum Doula Care

Daytime support, overnight care, or both!

Once you've had your baby and are discharged home, you're suddenly in charge of this tiny newborn who you're still learning to care for. Who's there to care for you? How will you and your partner find time to sleep, do laundry, and prepare meals? Enter the doula. I am there to answer all your new parent questions, show you how to work that breastpump/baby wrap/car seat, and take care of all the things around the house so that you can rest and get to know your new baby!

Postpartum Support

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Sleeping Baby

Overnight Care

Overnight care is ideal for tired parents who could use some restorative sleep. I can take care of all of Baby's needs while you sleep, including diapering, soothing to sleep, and feeding. If you are breastfeeding, I am happy to bring Baby to you to nurse, and take them when you're done, so you don't even need to get out of bed.

Mom with Baby Carriage

Daytime Care

Daytime postpartum care is ideal for new parents who need hands-on support with Baby, breastfeeding, or help around the house. I can answer new parent questions, and provide guidance as you learn to diaper, bathe, soothe, swaddle, and take care of your new baby. I provide gentle encouragement and evidence-based information as you gain confidence as a parent. I help ensure that your postpartum recovery and mental health are cared for, and provide referrals and recommendations as needed. 

Smiling Pregnant Woman

Register for Peace of Mind

Until your baby is here, it's hard to know what difficulties might lie ahead. But having a plan for postpartum support guarantees that your transition to parenthood will be easier and you'll be well supported, whatever your journey may look like. We can put together a rough schedule, knowing that it may need tweaking as your baby arrives and you know more about your support needs. I do provide discounted care when you reserve bulk hours in advance, and I also accept gifted care from friends & family. 

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